Two decades ago, the head of South Brunswick high school's art department told Markus Jarrow he had an exceptional gift for photography. And for almost 2 decades he ignored it. After spending much of those years in the darkroom and making music, he took a left turn and went on to study occupational therapy at Boston University.

What he did not ignore, however, was the human story that drew him to photography in the first place. After getting his degree, he began specializing in the treatment of young children with autism and sensory processing disorders and exploring the depths of what connects us as people and how we process the world around us. 

Now a published author and co-founder/clinical director of a leading pediatric clinic in Manhattan, he's back behind the camera. Inspired by the exceptional children he has worked with and the journeys they've been on together, he's taken all he's learned in the clinic and applied it as a photographer in the field. The result is a sensibility and engaging connection with his subjects and an ability to capture intimacy and beauty, not just in humanity, but in a scene or a landscape. 

Markus believes that there is a common thread that links us all, and he considers himself lucky whenever he's given the chance to photograph it.


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