Lions in Acacia

The Maasai, a semi-nomadic ethnic people in northern Tanzania and southern Kenya, migrated from Sudan in the 15th century. Large in number, covering wide stretches of land, the Maasai
people have since had an influence on Tanzanian and Kenyan culture with an undeniable grace and presence, rich in age-old tradition. They are known as great herders, farmers,
and warriors. Lone, slender silhouettes shepherd sheets of animals across the horizon. Their iconic, wrapped shukas in vibrant patterns of reds and blues wrestle with the
backdrop of the great savannas like a strange camouflage. In recent decades, the Maasai have been displaced due to land right restrictions over national parks and
private game reserves that the Maasai originally inhabited. The government has attempted to curtail the Maasai traditions and lifestyle and they continue to
threaten access and rights to grazing lands for their herds. These are images of Maasai villagers and remote warriors of North Central Tanzania.