The Hadza Were First

The Hadzabi, or Hadza, people of the Iyasi Rift Valley in North Central Tanzania are the only remaining nomadic, hunt and gather tribe left in the world. Of the thousand Hadza people alive today, a few hundred of them continue to live a lifestyle unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years. Their history traces back to a specific region where civilization is believed to have began. They
have no leaders. Women and men are equal. They keep no possessions and everything is shared. Life skills are taught young and children learn to hunt small animals in the bush with bow
and arrow at the age of 5. They have no words for the days of the week or months of the year and they follow no calendar. Time and seasons are measured by animal migrations and
weather patterns. They do not farm or raise any animals. They live off of the land and respect the land they live on. Sadly, they have lost most of it in recent years and are at risk
of losing it all, and their lifestyle... the very last of its kind. These are images from a humbling and inspiring experience with a small, nomadic group of the Hadzabi people.